What does Orange and Crane mean?

It represents our determination to succeed, our neverending fascination with innovation and our continuous joy of creating something whole and worthwhile for our partners.

We want to create meaningful connections between people and technology, using innovation and creativity. Confidently, putting the Philippines on the technology map.


Our Philosophy


To create purposeful technology that showcases creative ingenuity and imagination globally


To be the leaders in technological innovation by providing enhanced services, strong partnerships and sustainable profitability.


To deliver seamless user experiences and truly innovative tech solutions that enable businesses that contribute to a better society

Meet the team

Game Faces for our Game Changers

The Orange and Crane team is a multi-faceted group of experts inspired by the vision of creating a society that is empowered by purposeful, cutting-edge technologies.

At Orange and Crane, we do more then just coding.We will take the extra mile to understand the very heart of your business and unlock the true power and opportunities of your platform. From ideation, UX/UI design, development of Software to Deployment, count on us to be there with you, every step of the way.

Let’s work together to bring your idea to life and create an amazing, seamless, and state-of-the-art platform!